Baby Carriages Made of Fruit?!

Sure you can go to The Mega Babies online store and pick baby carriage strollers and other infant merchandise from the most respected brand names in the industry. You can browse the online store for the best baby and teen furniture, carriages, strollers, bedding, infant cribs and accessories available.

Or you can just make your baby products out of watermelon.

Ok, so that’s not true at all. If you’re looking for baby carriages strollers or other means for making your infants mobility easier on you, making a “Watermelon baby carriage” isn’t the route you should go.

These beautiful centerpieces are ideal for a baby shower, an infant’s birthday or, yes, a shotgun wedding (so long as the happy couple have a sense of humor). With a good sharp decorating knife, a nice large watermelon, and a whole bunch of assorted fruits, you can make this gorgeous centerpiece with ease single-handedly (well, use two hands… the knife is sharp, after all, and you should set a good example for the child).

The watermelon baby carriage is a gorgeous food arrangement that can be the talk of the party, is easy to create, incredibly healthy and a great way to serve fruit slices.

Just don’t use it to push your infant child around town.


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Posted on: Monday, November 22nd, 2010 at 5:36 PM

Posted in: Baby Carriages